Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sonia Kashuk Matte Oil Blotting Papers: Dewy Just Means Greasy


Remember in the early 2000s when dewy, youthful skin was all the rage? Yeah, I hated it too. Since my t-zone tends to be a little oily, everything I tried ended up looking more like Oil Slick rather than Dewy and Youthful. So I finally gave up and went back to matte, and I discovered blotting papers along the way.

Ladies (and applicable gentlemen), blotting papers are your friend. Sonia Kashuk Matte Oil Blotting Papers are magical squares of delicate tissue that remove the oil from your face without trashing your makeup. A couple of times a day I can whip out a single white square of magic, disappear all the oil from my t-zone, and touch up my makeup good as new. So instead of going through my afternoon looking like an tired, oily hag I breeze on through looking a normal person.

There are a lot of brands of oil blotting papers available. Most of them are pretty much the same (except for those plastic-y ones that smear your makeup), so the difference really comes down to price and surface area of the paper. The Sonia Kashuk Matte Oil Blotting Papers come 100 to a package and have the greatest surface area of any blotting paper I've found. With other brands I need to use two, sometimes three, squares but with these I normally need only one. And, you really can't beat the price at $6.69 per pack. I mean, really, some brands charge just way too much.

My rating on the handy-dandy Sonia Kashuk Matte Oil Blotting Papers is a full 8/8 tentacles. You can find them at your local Target in the Sonia Kashuk makeup display, on the Target website, Amazon, or

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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