Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Follow These Easy Links!


Sometimes a picture on the internet makes you so happy and excited that you find yourself pumping your fist in the air, and sometimes its not even a picture of a cute cat.

That's what the picture to the left did for me.  It also inspired me to find links that will both support things you always new and help make you EVEN cooler and more knowledgeable.  I know, you didn't think that was possible.  But I'm going to do my best.

Ever wanted to know the gender and species break-down for LOTR?  Shut up, of course you did (Neatorama)

A member of the Royal Family has died.  No, not that Royal Family.  It’s the one that rule  a WWII defence platform that has been claiming it’s a sovereign nation since 1967?   Yes, you read that right (Arstechnica)

Sixteen-year-old me is finally vindicated! Jack could have lived.  Thanks science! Or at least tv science. (Cheezburger)

Ever had a tiny thing blow your mind? Be prepared to (LifeHacker)

What about a giant thing blowing your mind?  Like that maybe we ARE living in The Matrix?  Spooooky, right? (io9)

Ira Glass, host of This American Life and…why am I even explaining?  You all know who he is.  Well, our friend Mr. Glass did an AMA on Reddit and it’s a great read (Reddit)

Love the work of children’s authors like Maurice Sendak?  Meet the heroic woman whose work allowed that amazing art to flourish (The Awl)

Want to shut down an argumentative jerk and sound smart while doing it?  This article seems like a good place to start (The Conversation)

This is a project I love:  celebrities, writers, great thinkers etc explaining why they will be voting Obama.  Also, more writing from This American Life favorite Etgar Keret? Yes please! (90 days 90reasons)

An excellent rebuttal to the Harry Met Sally “men and women can’t be friends” argument. Sorry rom-com fanatics, but this is a myth that’s hurting women.  I still love the movie though, so don’t worry rom commers (Splitsider)

Texts from Little Women may be the greatest thing ever.  Especially because my “that family is waaaaay too close” theory is finally vindicated! (The Hairpin)

Oh man, don’t make fun of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat or he might hit you with his fan.  Or possibly murder you judging by these photos (The Gloss)

Marching bands re-creating video games?  If this is what The Matrix (see above) is like, I may just be okay with it:

I love success stories.  I especially love success stories that involve rollerblades. (what, that's a thing):

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