Monday, October 22, 2012

I Am the Girl of 100 Lists... Er, 10, Actually


Happy Monday!  I'm recovering from the second of two weddings two weekends in a row, so today's links will be a bit different - nothing but lists of good things to get your week off to a great start!

Still need some homemade costume suggestions?  How about 25 ideas?  (The Gloss)

Or why not dress up as one of these 10 badass women from history?  (The Mary Sue)

Nothing brightens my day like a good Photoplasty contest:  here's 19 ways to make great movies even better.  (Cracked)

These 24 stuffed cookie ideas are super tantilizing.  Brb, stuffing red velvet cake into every cookie I can find.  (BuzzFeed)

Interesting choice from "Buffy" on this list of the 10 most defining television performances.  (io9)

Time for some gorgeous photography - 15 amazing images from the National Geographic photo contest.  (Unreality)

If you ask the people in these 24 photos, rules are just meant to be broken.  (The Chive)

Most of the ladies on this list of the 15 sexiest monsters in horror films aren't much of a surprise, but Dren from "Splice"?  Really?  (Ranker)

Is it getting hot in here, or have I just been looking at the 50 Steamiest Lingerie movie scenes for too long?  Don't worry, it's equal opportunity ogling in here.  Uh, probably NSFW.  (EW)

Sometimes it ain't easy to be a celebrity, judging by these 11 memoirs that were flops.  (The Daily Beast)

Why not end things with a song about lists?  This is taking it way back to the '80s - the Go-Go's with "Girl of 100 Lists."

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