Monday, October 22, 2012

Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin: Spin For Me, Baby

Pinky McLadybits

I have only two hairstyles: ponytail and flat-ironed. My hair is super-thick, slightly wavy, and an asshole that resists cute styles that other people are able to wear. If I make a huge effort, play around for at least an hour or more, and use a butt-ton of bobby pins, I can wrangle my hair into something cute for a few hours. 

Yes, only a few hours. After my wedding, bobby pins were shooting from my hair and pinging into the cabs windows and seats. That's how thick my stupid hair is, y'all. BOBBY PIN EXTRACTING THICK!

I was stoked when I received this Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin set from Influenster in my Fall VoxBox. I've been wanting to try these but have been wary of spending the money and having them unable to bear the weight of my hair.

Sometimes, I'm really good at predicting that kind of stuff. Dammit.

I followed the directions. I really did. I twisted my hair into a tight bun. I tucked loose ends under and into the bun. I put the first pin in from the bottom and tried to place it close to my scalp and to have it take as much hair with it as it could. I didn't cross the pins. I used both of them. I tried it with slightly dirty and flat-ironed hair. I tried it with just-washed and dried hair. These Goody Spin Pins cannot contain my flaming red mane. Behold:

Must get free...

almost there...
Oh, you want to try again?
My hair is so mouthy sometimes. 

Obviously, these Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins were not simple for me. In order to have these work, I would have needed to employ bobby pins, at least one hair elastic, hairspray, and lots of time. That is the opposite of simple. However, I know that these work on people with thinner hair. I've seen the tutorials and the pictures. These could be for you, but only if your hair is the right thickness. For me, these are inked. However, you guys could use them, so don't let the inking deter you.

Rating (For Me Personally):

Rating (Possibly For Others): 6/8

I received this item from Influenster in a Fall VoxBox. I am not being compensated for this review, but I did receive the item for free. 

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