Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to My Nightmare


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That horrifying header image comes from today's nightmare fodder, "50 Shades of Ray."  I may never have another sexual fantasy again.  Ever. 

Fans of "Community" and/or "Doctor Who" will love this video - the first episode of "Inspector Spacetime" - wait, no, due to copyright issues, it's called "Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time."  Whatever, it's still super nerdy and fun! (Nerd Approved)

Can you imagine a "Titanic" that starred Jeremy Sisto (of "Clueless" and "Suburgatory") instead of Leo DiCaprio??  This screen test shows what could have been - and it's just plain weird to see someone else in Leo's place.  Sisto definitely brings a different energy to the role of Jack.  (Vulture)

Ah, fashion.  There have been some strange trends in the past, like this one from the 1940's.  Why didn't the monocle veil ever catch on?  Oh, right.  Because it looks dumb.  (Neatorama)

Whether this is a tattoo of Rihanna or not, I think we can all agree that getting a tat of a half-beaten woman's face is bizarre and a bit unsettling, right?  Stay classy, Chris Brown.  (Daily News)

Need a palate cleanser?  How about proof that there's hope for the future, as demonstrated by this amazing 17 year old girl, Catherine Wong, who invented a cardiac test for developing countries that uses little more than a cell phone?  She basically created a portable EKG machine!  (The Mary Sue)

Erin Gloria Ryan, one of my favorite writers at Jezebel, deserves a standing ovation for her latest piece.  The title says it all - "It's Time to Stop Pretending Abortion and Birth Control Aren't Economic Issues."  (Jezebel)  

If you've not been keeping up with all the New York Fashion Week news, the ladies of "Go Fug Yourself" have been blogging all about it over at "The Cut."  I had to share their latest, a piece on the Chris Benz presentation, solely for this photo of Kelly Osbourne.  The hair, the glasses, the dress... she looks cuckoo, but I kinda dig it!  (The Cut)

This clever designer turned old, rarely used pay phone kiosks into community libraries.  (NY Times)

I love these "twisted" covers for children's books.  Talk about therapy fodder!  (Laughing Squid)

From appearing at NY Fashion week, to starting his own menswear line, working on his acting career, and even releasing his own workout DVDs - has Ryan Lochte even slept since returning from the London Olympics??  (The Daily Beast)

Korean superstar Psy brought his Gangnam Style to the "Ellen" show recently.  I love his motto: Dress classy, dance cheesy. 

Finally, a great collection of "wins" to end your day.

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