Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rimmel Extra Super Lash: Superman Does Good. This Mascara Does Well.

Pinky McLadybits

Yes, another Rimmel Mascara! Obviously it isn't that I don't like the other Rimmel mascaras that I have used, since they all rated quite well. It is rather that I would like to see if any of their mascaras are terrible. I want to see if the less expensive choices in their mascara line are as good as the more expensive choices. (Not that Rimmel is at all expensive. Less than $8 for any of their mascaras? SCORE!)

My latest pickup is Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara. It cost less than $3 and purports to "lift and build" lashes by being a "body building mascara". Let's have a look, shall we?

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara has a curved brush. Do you remember when curved brushes were exciting and new? Then brushes started getting huge, tiny, and covered in spikes, and curved was old news. Anyway, the curved brush isn't spiked with pokey bits or enormously oversized. It's just curved. I gave my right lashes a good coat and got this:

Your left, my right.
As you can see, just one coat makes lashes appear longer and, of course, darker. After applying to both sets of lashes, I got this:

Well defined, dark, no clumps, and they look ridiculously long. There may come a day when a Rimmel mascara disappoints me, but today is not the motherf*cking day, son.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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