Monday, September 17, 2012

Elementary, Dear Blue!


Trying to figure out how to convince your friend/loved one/coworker to watch your favorite show?  Maybe this guide can help.  (Pleated Jeans)

Look, I'm proud of being a woman and I celebrate the beauty of my ladybits and all that, but this t-shirt is just weird.  It's WEIRD.  (Bridgette Raes)

Here's a fun DIY project that can bring some color to your walls - a paint chip calendar!  (Maple & Magnolia)

I thought finding a pregnancy test for sale at the dollar store was odd, but this is even stranger.  Would you take a pregnancy test from a vending machine at a bar??  (The Mary Sue)

Joo Heng Tan makes incredible sand sculptures that must be seen to be believed.  (HuffPo)

Actress Carey Mulligan does androgyny pretty well, doesn't she?  (The Gloss)

I'm feeling the photo collections today.  Here are "26 Awesome Photos of War Dogs Showing How Badass and Cute They Can Be."  (Gizmodo)

Fair warning - this next collection may have you reaching for the tissues.  *sniff*  (Buzzfeed

"American Idol" recently announced Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj as its latest judges.  Man, I do not miss watching that train wreck whatsoever.  (LAist)

Speaking of train wrecks, the tattoo artist responsible for Chris Brown's new neck ink finally had to come forward and explain what that mess was supposed to be.  (Evil Beet)

Apparently, this recipe has been bouncing around the internet for a while now, but I've only just learned of it, and I'm wishing I'd heard of it sooner.  Ladies and gentleman, I present: Slutty Brownies.  (My San Francisco Kitchen)

What happens when you smash the best of Disney's music with some of the best rap/hip-hop out there?  You get Walt Disnizzle, the most ridiculous album you'll hear today (or any other day, for that matter).  Creator Arkham.p77 is an evil genius.  "I'm Not a Swinger," the Big Pun/King Louie ("The Jungle Book") mashup, is my favorite.  (Klepto Ergo Sum)

Speaking of mashups, here's what would happen if "Sherlock" crossed over onto "Blue's Clues."

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  1. So, the tattoo artist swears it's not a beaten women..but also doesn't actually say what the fuck it's supposed to be otherwise? Cause if you want the world to believe you, you kinda need to say what you were ACTUALLY going for in order for anyone to go "oooh, my bad, it's totally ok that you did that." Though, honestly, I don't blame the guy - it's a job, he was paid to do it. I blame Chris Brown.