Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ultra Effective: Arm & Hammer UltraMax Deodorant


I live in Houston,  the armpit of Texas.  It gets hot and muggy starting in April and stays that way until October.  You get sweaty and oily just walking from your door to your car so when it comes to deodorant, I need something that works. 

I ran out of Secret Clinical Strength deodorant and was at the ghetto grocery that didn't carry the $10 deodorant I usually buy.  I spied some Arm & Hammer UltraMax varieties for about $2.50, so I picked one up in Powder Fresh to hold me over til I could get to Target.

Hold me over? More like bowl me over.  This stuff is amazing.  It's not overpoweringly scented and it works all day.  Let me repeat, one application of deodorant gets me through an entire day of running around in 95 degree weather with 60% humidity.  I don't think I've had this good of an experience with a deoderant yet, and I've tried Suave, Secret, and Certain Dri.  Yesterday the AC in my office broke so I spent 3 hours in muggy heat.  Did I start to stink?  No siree, I did not.

The only caveat to Arm & Hammer UltraMax Deodorant is that it is a white solid that dries to invisible.  I haven't seen any staining on my clothes, but those of you who wear lots of sleeveless or strapless stuff may want to test run first. 8/8 tentacles for being inexpensive and super effective.

Rating: 8/8 tentacles

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