Thursday, August 9, 2012

Has Anyone In This Family Ever Even SEEN A Chicken?


Guys, its happening, its really happening.  Arrested Development is back! (Gawker)

You know you've really got it made when your life can feature your own private terrifying animatronic stereotypes (io9)

A really beautiful photo of the Earth from space (Science Dump)

The finger fork: best or stupidest gadget ever? You decide.  I think its the stupidest (iwidk)

Do you love the Muppets? Do you love documentary?  Do you love donating money? Of course you do.  Okay, well I bet you like the first two.  Watch this charming Kick Starter video for a documentary on Caroll Spinney of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch fame (Kickstarter)

Want to see what the stupidest jerk in the world looks like? (Jezebel)

You know what the opposite of that is?  The greatest home theatre in the world.  Well, it would be even greater if it showed the stupid jerk guy falling a bunch of times, but its still pretty amazing (Topless Robot)

I'm totally in love with these pictures of drag artists with only half of their face made up (The Gloss)

Delightful Tom Hiddleston is delightful (Total Film)

Want to celebrate?  Feeling kind of crappy? No matter what you're feeling, let's party, gif-style! (Buzzfeed)

I love the exploits of Uncle Mitch and Aunt Debbie more then just about anything.  Possibly because I am guaranteed to BE an Aunt Debbie type in a few years (Rookie)

Hey, wouldn't it be nice if almost every single cartoon heroine wasn't white?  Here's what that might look like (The Mary Sue)

You're gonna love this one theatre nerds:

Guys, I don't know if I've told you how much I love "animals that shouldn't be friends but are videos, but its a lot.

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