Thursday, August 16, 2012

From "Awwww" to "What tha...?" A Study In Link Contrasts


Let's start this off with some warming of the ol' heart.  Yes, here's Bill Clinton and his namesake Bill Clinton.

Is this the sweetest thing I've ever seen? Possibly.  Is Clinton once again proving himself to be one of the most loveable former Presidents? Um, hell yes!

That was lovely, wasn't it?  Okay, now that you're feeling suitably happy, I want to give you a warning about the internet.  You know how everybody's Mom (aka my Mom) always talks about how anyone can get anything you ever put on the internet and you tell her that she's overreacting and being silly? Sorry Mom (Gawker)

Well now that all that people being horrible dicks part is over, how about something cool that would make the world better (and nerdier), like say a NICHOLAS TESLA MUSUEM! Wooooot! Why not donate to The Oatmeal's drive to make that dream a reality (The Oatmeal)

I know that we have a lot of creative readers, so I bet that this advice from famous writers will hit the spot (Buzzfeed)

I'm glad none of that advice was "use magic" because cruel ebay has changed their policies and now I have nowhere to buy any (Mashable)

I don't really get this whole Instagram thing, but these recommendations of cool ones seems pretty cool (Hyperallergic)

Do you love Calvin and Hobbes?  This may be the website for you?  Do you find Calvin and Hobbes terrifying and need to prove that fact to others?  This may also be the website for you (CAHGifs)

I know that I have too much stuff, and after reading this article I really want to do something about it.  Its a great look at the unknown cost of all the crap we have (Bucks Blogs)

I don't have access to Shark Week (stupid Canada) so its joys are lost to me. But, man, these shows sound pretty awesome (Jest)

It's gonna be summer forever?  Right guys? Right? (

I know this is fake, but Morgan Freeman misunderstanding Batman is hilarious (indiewire)

I don't know Sarah Fister Gale but I love her.  I'm a huge fan of anyone who advocates not guilting new Mothers.  Breastfeed, bottlefeed, do what you wish and don't listen to jerks Moms (Jezebel)

Sometimes in life you see something that just makes everything better.  I present you with what that thing is for me: the beatboxing beauty queen (The Gloss)

Well, its no beat boxing beauty queen, but these industrial music loving dancers busting a move to Rebecca Black unknowingly is a close second in the awesomeness category 

I take it back.  Those other two things were great, but this kid with his Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah may be the cure for depression (just avoid the homophobic comments underneath).

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