Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Curiosity Lands on Mars, Ferdowsi Lands in Our Hearts


While many of us were sleeping Monday morning, NASA's latest rover, Curiosity, landed on Mars for a two-year research mission.  Here's what you missed if you weren't breathlessly awaiting touchdown. (io9)

Meanwhile, back on Earth, NASA activity lead Bobak Ferdowsi suddenly became the toast of the internet when images of his hawt mohawk hit Twitter.  An intelligent rocket scientist who's also cute?  Be still my heart!  (Buzzfeed)

Way to keep it classy, London spectator.  Thankfully, a female judo competitor took control of the situation.  (Gawker)

These photos by Leland BobbĂ© of half-made-up drag queens are stunning.  (The Gloss)

If you've ever wondered what a race between all the victors of the 100-meter sprint in Olympics history would look like, wonder no more.  Bonus long jump and freestyle swim videos at the bottom of the page.  (NY Times)

I love this blogger's take-away message from all the Olympics coverage: it's ok to admire the athletes' bodies, but don't try too hard to look like them.  And remember, the media is "full of crap" - "because when we feel like we’re not good enough we’ll buy whatever it is they tell us will make us more desirable."  (Blisstree

As part of his campaign to promote breastfeeding, Mayor Bloomberg wants hospitals in NYC to lock up baby formulas?  That seems extreme.  (Time)

My dinner party decor is incomplete without this candleholder.  (Geeks Are Sexy)

I don't think this comedian realizes why her social media pleas didn't work - she just came on waaaaaay too strongly!  (The Daily Beast)

In this video, Kristen Stewart explains why she slept with Rupert Sanders.  It makes almost as much sense as "because it was a publicity stunt."  This actress's KStew impression is killer!  (The Stir)

Damn kids, always upstaging everyone.  This is why our flower girl got to sit with her parents during our wedding ceremony. 

And now, the latest "Simon's Cat" episode - here's "Ready, Steady, Slow!"


  1. That wedding video is EXACTLY why we banned children under the age of 13 from our wedding. At my cousin's wedding, during the beautiful best man speech about the groom's recently deceased mother, the best man's toddler stood on a chair and screamed "I LIKE PIZZA!" and ruined everything beautiful about the moment. We had none of that.

    1. We all like pizza, but there's a time and a place for that! We had coloring books for the kids at our wedding, but they were more interested in the jewel-colored glass stones in our centerpieces. I didn't care, as long as they were occupied!