Friday, August 3, 2012

Cue the Backlash in 3... 2...


We appear to have reached the point in the Olympics where everyone starts to complain about how they're just not as good as they used to be.  As far as I'm concerned, this writer is correct - hate the Games, not the players.  (Mother Jones)

Or, you know, hate on the players, if that's your thing.  Or if you just don't like fratboy-ish swimmers.  (Me, I will continue to ignore Lochte and focus on humble cutie Conor Dwyer.)  (Jezebel)

I am guilty of ogling the swimmers, it's true.  But when it comes to the media focusing on the, um, assets of certain athletes, you'll find that volleyball players tend to be the biggest victims.  These photographers know that the players have faces, right?  (Metro)

Which '90s Nickelodeon character are you?  Due to a love of orange soda, I ended up as Kel.  (Flavorwire)

Artist Quentin Trollip makes incredibly impressive origami animals.  What skill!  (Buzzfeed)

According to a recent survey, IUD use is up among women in the US.  Hey, I'm a statistic!  Love my Mirena.  (Fox News)

Whoa.  I've seen "The Book of Mormon," and I had NO IDEA that one of the characters, General Butt Naked, was based on an actual person!  (BoingBoing)

Damn, I wish the Girl Scouts had had a camp like this back when I was a troop member!  (The Mary Sue)

I understand that appearances can be important in job interviews, but this seems insane to me.  It's not enough that I worry about what my resume says about me or what my attitude in an interview says, but now I have to worry that the size of my engagement ring might affect whether I get the job?!?  (Grindstone)

Yet another item I wish I'd had while traveling recently.  Airport carpeting is nasty, y'all.  (Gizmodo)

Sometimes, it's the simple pleasures in life that make you giggle 'til you cry.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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