Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Heart's Aflame, I'll Love You 'Til Tuesday


That graph is true.  The endless bounty of the internet has taught me much.  Just today, I learned how to turn an Android phone into a wifi hotspot.  Which would be super helpful if I had an Android, but perhaps it will be of help to some of y'all instead!  (Lifehacker)

These gorgeous watercolor illustrations from molecular biologist David Goodsell will have you looking at cells in a whole new way.  I've never thought of Hepatitis B as beautiful before.  (i09)

Hot men holding babies is surprisingly adorable.  And with bonus baby lamb just in case you hadn't already died from the cuteness!  (Pajiba)

This photographer has an unusual way of standing out in a very competitive field of work.  I'm not sure which is my favorite look - the cornrows?  The beehive?  (The Daily Mail)

The Communist government in Vietnam has proposed making same-sex marriage legal.  It's a  surprising move for a country in Asia, where homosexuality is still a crime in many areas, but a promising one nonetheless.  (NPR)

One writer takes Meredith Vieira to task for her "ignorant" comments during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies.  Truly, the commentary from Vieira and her cohorts was the worst part of the night... besides the incessant commercial breaks, that is.  (Slate)

Here's a handy infographic for you "Breaking Bad" fans - an analysis of hair length vs. violence.  I don't watch the show, but I'm sure there are all sorts of spoilers up in here.  (The Oatmeal)

I spent a little time flying across the country recently.  I wish I'd had this guide to the "Best Airport Dining Spots" with me at the time.  Oh, substandard greasy airport food, how I loathe thee.  (Food & Wine)

When you look as good in a Speedo as Ryan Lochte does, you can get away with wearing crazy colors.  (The Daily Beast)

Of all the shows on which Tom Hiddleston and Sean Bean would guest star, this is probably the last one I'd guess.  (Crushable)

If only all Yelp reviews came with their own dramatic readings.  

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