Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Come Down and Waste Away With Me


Good morning!  Feeling a little like you're wasting you life away?  Time for a reinvention!  Just follow the lead of these celebrities who revamped their lives using social media.  Oh, Takei, you are a national treasure.  (Mashable)

It's really wonderful to see the hip-hop community embracing the gay community.  First, Frank Ocean came out and was met with love and support.  Now, in his latest video, rapper Murs fights homophobia with a same-sex kiss.  (Gawker)

Also wonderful: this slideshow of Olympic athletes and their pets.  It's almost too much cuteness for one link!  (People)

"How I Met Your Mother" might be renewed for a ninth season.  Ugh.  Look, it's a great show, but it's time to wrap things up.  I think they've dragged out the central mystery long enough now!  (Uproxx)

Shirley Manson, lead signer of Garbage, has been receiving death threats from a stalker on Twitter.  There's a dark side to being able to access celebrities so easily.  (Daily Beast)

A journalist from Mother Jones recently took a job as a labor worker to investigate the world of temping.  Business is definitely booming, but it sounds like the temps aren't getting any of the benefits.  (Mother Jones h/t BoingBoing)

The BEST thing about all the Comic Con coverage has to be all the amazing photos of cosplayers.  I truly envy their talent and creativity!  Gammasquad has a fantastic roundup (little Edward Scissorhands damn near ripped my heart in two) and Geeks Are Sexy has several galleries.  But if you have access to Facebook and some time on your hands, I urge you to check out this amazing group's photo album.  They decided to protest the Westboro Baptist Church members who showed up to Comic Con - and they got some great shots of cosplayers holding their signs too!  (Galactus is Nigh)

Oh, if only the twins of "Sweet Valley High" had had texting in their day.  I remembered that Elizabeth was a wet blanket, but I forgot that Jessica was basically crazy.  (The Hairpin)

And now, your eye candy link of the day.  "28 Sexy Pictures of Older Actors When They Were Young."  Young Jeff Bridges, hubba hubba!  (Buzzfeed)

Let Jack White's latest, "Freedom at 21," be the soundtrack to your day.  Bonus: a blink-and-you'll-miss-him cameo from Josh Homme. 


  1. That temp article makes me sad. And also grateful for my current job. I wasn't really a labor temp, but I've worked every other kind of temp job there is, and the problems are universal. Everyone thinks they can treat temps like crap, and underpay them, and never hire them. But with the economy what it is, there's very little recourse. This is my first full time, benefitted position, and I am so very thankful for it. Temping blows.

  2. I've never tempted, but I've worked minimum wage jobs, and it's the same there. Part of me wishes that those who hire the temps would have to experience what they're put through and maybe learn a little empathy! But that won't solve the bigger problem, that as long as the economy is bad and this labor is cheap, it will continue to be in demand.