Friday, July 20, 2012

Bring On the Weekend! Bring On the Batman!


Our hearts go out to the victims of the midnight shooting in Colorado and their families. (People)

Happy Friday!  Do you have your tickets ready for the premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" this weekend?  Or have you already seen it at a midnight opening, you lucky ducks?  I won't be seeing it for a few days, which means it's time to avoid the internet again (I won't be spoiled!).  

If you're in a Batman mood, take a trip down memory lane with this real-time review of Joel Schumacher's opus "Batman & Robin."  It's much better if you read this article instead of attempting to watch it yourself... well, better for you, at least.  (Pajiba)

Speaking of superheroes, these amazing retro art posters capture my favorite team, the X-Men, in eye-popping colors.   Who wouldn't want a "BAMF!" poster for their wall?? (Etsy)

Molecule, a new store in NYC, sells tap water.  That's it.  Just specially filtered, $2.50 for a 16-ounce bottle, tap water.  Choice quote from the article - "I think you'll have people who will start becoming water connoisseurs."  Uh.  Even if you add electrolytes and vitamins, it's just WATER.  Sheesh!  (WSJ)

At the urging of several friends, I've added the "Outlander" series to my reading list.  Good timing, too - looks like Ron Moore (of "Battlestar Galactica" fame) is trying to bring it to television.  (The Mary Sue)

Emmy nominations were announced yesterday.  By now, you know all about the snubs (no "Community" for best comedy?) and the surprises (Schmidt from "New Girl" is up for an award!), but here's 15 things you might not know.  Looks like the best song category is gonna be a tough one to call!  (Vulture)

Wow - I thought it couldn't get worse than helicopter parenting, but I was wrong.  A mother in Pennsylvania hacked into a school's computer system in order to change her kids' grades!  (HuffPo)

This might be my favorite Better Book Title ever.  At the very least, it's certainly the most spot-on.  (Better Book Titles)

Here's a quick, clever way to remove a wasp or bee stinger with a credit card.  Makes sense - you're more likely to have a credit card in your purse or wallet than tweezers, and it avoids squeezing out the venom.  (Lifehacker)

Does having sex help you lose weight?  Short answer: yes, but it's complicated.  No reason to stop trying!  (Blisstree)

In honor of Benedict Cumberbatch's 36th birthday (happy belated, darling!), the ladies at Crushable went a wee bit gif crazy.  In the best way, of course.  (Crushable)

And now, a baby kangaroo in a diaper.  I would totally smuggle one in my purse, too.

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