Thursday, May 17, 2012



Awesome advice for one of my favorite hobbiessions, thrifting. Yes, hobbiessions: hobbies+obsessions,  feel free to use it in conversation all the time now.  Seriously, these rules take you from regular thrifter to super hero level thrift (Rookie)

What? Magic shoes won’t make you skinny?  (CNN)

If you're thinking of doing some travelling this summer, this guide of offbeat sights in Albuquerque is full of amazing ideas.  You may roast alive, but you'll have fun doing so (Squidoo)

Feeling stressed?  Like many of us, you’re probably overworked.  Here’s some smart strategies to deal with it (Lifehacker)

I’m thin, beautiful, go to museums all the time and just want to meet people not get into a serious relationship so I don’t know anything about lying on dating sites.  But apparently some people do that (Gizmodo)

I think that many of us know that Werner Herzog is magic.  But what could make him even more awesome?  How about Herzog talking about how he doesn’t do irony and how much he loves John Waters (Filmdrunk)

In other John Waters news, an indie band picked him up while he was hitchhiking in Ohio.  Why yes, he is the coolest guy ever (DCist)

I’m a sucker for commencement speeches, and I feel like this one by Aaron Sorkin is a classic.  I am a little disappointed that he didn’t recite it while striding through halls though (Uproxx)

A lot of folks have read the beautiful David Foster Wallace Commencement speech, but I’m also a huge fan of this one by the amazing comic Patton Oswalt.  You guys wanted to cry today, right? (Patton Oswalt)

Apparently there’s a reason, other then making future pop songs easier to write, that popular baby names rhyme right now (Slate)

Hot Ink fave Mindy Kaling documents her experience with Upfronts week for her new show “The Mindy Project. (Vulture)

I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.  Thank goodness the world of (fake) science has stepped in to help (Fake Science)

Did you need another reason to visit the amazing New York City?  How about a Ghostbusters Tour?  Book your flights soon people 


I never thought I could feel like this again.  But I'm totally in love...with this LMFAO cover

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