Friday, May 25, 2012

Sorry About The Lazy. Kind Of.

Pinky McLadybits

You know what? Today is all about lists. Enjoy!

10 Things Pets Would Do If They Had Opposable Thumbs (Death and Taxes)

11 Cakes Based on Kids' Books, Movies, and TV Shows (mental floss)

Increasingly Threatening Taglines For Beauty Products (McSweeney's Internet Tendency)

Top 10 Creepy Girls In Fiction (Listverse)

5 Scientific Explanations For Your Sexual Perversions (Cracked)

7 Great Dictator Portrayals (Pajiba)

7 Fresh and Easy Cocktails For Spring (Blisstree)

7 Incredible Sacrifices People Have Made For Their Career. Not at all incredible actually. But my eyes got a good workout from all the rolling they did! (The Grindstone)

I ran out of lists. Do you like videos? Sure, we all do! Here are some.

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  1. My brother's girlfriend told me about The National - LOVE THEM.