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I Got a Professional Bra Fitting: TRUE STORY

Mel Biv Devoe

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I've written before about being overwhelmed by choices when I go shopping. This is, unfortunately, a recurring theme with me. I'm HORRIBLE at making decisions, so having many options tends to exacerbate things for me.

Bra shopping used to be a major cause of distress.  In high school, it wasn't so much a problem because I was just this side of flat.  I rocked a 34 B for years (I can admit the size now, but man I was embarrassed about my tiny boobs as a teen).  Then I hit college and it became clear that I was just a late bloomer, because I finally started to develop breasts.  But going to the store and trying on bras was a nightmare.  So many numbers and letters on the tags - was I picking a size or playing bingo??  Rather than flounder in the lingerie section, I wised up and did the easiest thing a woman can do to point her in the right direction - I got a professional bra fitting. 

Bra fittings are usually provided free of charge by most department and lingerie stores.  They train their personnel to take your measurements and then guide you through the fitting until you find the perfect bra for your size.  I went to a cute lingerie shop in State College, PA, called Jezebel's Boutique (not gonna lie, it was the name that drew me in).  I was a bit nervous - I'm shy around strangers, and the thought of taking my shirt off in front of someone I didn't know had me a little apprehensive.  But the girl at the shop was incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable right away.  She told me that getting a professional fitting was the fastest and easiest way to "lose" weight - when you're wearing the right bra, you shouldn't have any fat rolls on your back or under your chest.  And lifting the girls into the right size cups also helps to accentuate your waist.

So after she gently took my measurements, she picked out a few bras for me to try.  She basically became my personal shopper for the afternoon, recommending different styles based on what I liked and pointing out what worked and what didn't.  And she was totally right about the "weight loss" - it's amazing how just putting on the right bra can change your shape!  Gone were the ugly rolls on my back - and holy crap, my waist looked tinier than I'd ever seen it!

Tiny like this!  (In my dreams!)
I recently went shopping for some new bras and realized I had to go up a size, so I tried to recall all of the knowledge she had imparted.  I made sure that the cups didn't gap and the straps weren't too loose.  Each bra had to close on the first snap, not the second or third.  Again, I found the perfect bras that helped to smooth me out and give me the support I needed.  And if I end up changing sizes again, I'll make sure to follow her tips in order to find my perfect size!

It really is the easiest (not to mention cheapest) thing a woman can do to make sure she looks her best.  And if you're shy like I am, not to worry - the ladies who do fittings for a living are some of the nicest women you'll meet.  After all, they're just there to help you look your best!

What else have we tried? Faking Perfect Skin, Shellac Manicure, Brow Threading, Waxing....down there.

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