Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Is Sunday! I Hope You've Claimed A Place For Free Food!

Pinky McLadybits

Behold! Controversial magazine covers deemed too cray for newsstands! (mental floss)

A dress that becomes see-through when a woman is aroused? It isn't our fault we don't get boners! Why would I wear this?? (Studio Roosegaard)

I would like to one day buy a city, too. I would treat it like rental property and kick out assholes. I would likely be very lonely in my town. But free from annoyance! (Huffington Post)

I could buy this one! (Hollywood Reporter)

This is just disturbing. So disturbing. I promise that my town will not use citizens for research of plagues or anything. Yeesh. (NY Times)

Ooooh, check out all of this DUH. (Day Riffer)

Etsy is providing grants to women in technology that wish to join Hacker School. Well done, etsy! (etsy)

Everyone has something they loved in childhood or teen years (um, both) that they are now embarrassed about. Here, thirty writers tell us what works of hackery they loved long ago. (The Awl)


Pop quiz: Which of these Barbies could actually win the Presidency? Answer: The one that is really A DUDE. (Buzz Feed)

Looking for a different main dish this Easter? Perhaps cured trout? (Eco Salon)

If, like me, you made up three Easter baskets, you might be interested in this list. I always give candy and toys. Which is maybe boring to kids. These? Are not. (Cozi)

Not related to Easter are these seven actors that ended up like their characters. Can you guess number 1? (Ranker)

Let's start planning the welcome party for our Robot Overlords now, shall we?

Let's finish with the pitch Jim Henson gave for The Muppets.

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