Thursday, April 19, 2012

CBRIV: Book#7: The Calling by Kelley Armstrong

Pinky McLadybits

Gawl, I really love Kelley Armstrong books. I've read all of the Women of the Otherworld books, I've read her young adult Darkest Powers trilogy, and this is the second book in her young adult Darkness Rising trilogy.

The books all deal with supernaturals of all kinds. You have necromancers, werewolves, witches, half-demons, sorcerers, vampires, and now we have species thought to be extinct in the mix. IT RULES.

As always with Armstrong's books, the lead is a fierce, badass female who can take care of herself and the people around her. Do the women always have love interests? Yes, but these men are not their entire focus. Usually the women of the otherworld save the men. It's pretty awesome.

As I mentioned, The Calling is the second book in the Darkness Rises trilogy. Maya Delaney is a girl that lives with her adoptive parents in the town of Salmon Creek in Canada. The entire island is employed by the St. Cloud research group. The island has a medical research facility that employs most of the parents of the few kids that live there. Seriously, there are 15 kids in grades 11 and 12. Small school but highly funded by the St. Clouds. 

Maya has always had a connection to animals. She cares for them when they are injured and feels at home in the forest around her house where her father works as park ranger. She even has an odd paw print birthmark on her hip. In the last book, a new guy named Rafe came to town and Maya learned that some of the supernatural things you hear about in movies and on television are real. Things like shape-shifters.

Soon after Maya and her best friend Daniel start to learn these odd things, someone sets fire to the woods that surround the island. As they try to escape the fire and get home, search and rescue workers find them. But these aren't real search and rescue workers and Maya and her friends run from them. This book begins with Maya and several of her friends being loaded onto a helicopter and transported to Vancouver. Only the helicopter is going the wrong way. And the mayor appears to have been drugged.

Armstrong's books always start strong and stay strong. You don't have a moment to be bored or to put her novels down because they just keep moving. I love it. Information comes at you whether you realize it at the time or not. You put the pieces together and keep holding on as the novels create more havoc for the characters. Another bonus with Armstrong's books is that you always get to see the process as her protagonist starts to change and grow. They always start out in one spot and end up in another, both mentally and physically. I would recommend starting with the first Otherworld book called Bitten. You'll blast through the 12 Otherworld novels and then move on to the Darkest Powers and then Darkness rising. You're welcome.

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