Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Day Was Yesterday. I Hate That Day.

Pinky McLadybits

Yes. I hate April Fool's Day. I do, however, enjoy reading about good pranks. I'm an enigma wrapped in a bitch tortilla. Here are some pranks to make you giggle. (Gawker)

Lifehacker has a comprehensive, and ever-changing, list of websites and their chosen April Fool's Day pranks. This is always fun too. (Lifehacker)

I'm done with the prank links. These cakes are not lies. (CakeWrecks)

From perfect cakes to terrible cover art, here are the Worst Album Covers of All Time. OF ALL TIME! (tastebuds)

If you think you'd like to travel back in time to the 40s and make your fortune as a carny, have I got the link for you! (Boing Boing)

Did you watch Game of Thrones last night? I didn't because I don't have that motherbitch HBO. Jerks. Anyway, here are 7 questions fans have about this season. SPOILERS FO SHO. (Wired)

If dolls creep you out then you should not click on this link. Terrifying photos of decrepit old dolls, their faces dirty and their eyes unseeing, leering at you from their soulless bodies. GAH! (Huffington Post)

As someone that just posted a lament concerning the lack of soup delivery in my area, I am quite familiar with First World Problems. At least I know I'm kidding. Mostly kidding. (Mashable)

I've always dreamed of moving into an older house and finding treasures hidden in an attic or basement. Possibly inside a window seat, as long as the treasure isn't a child corpse or a portal to a hell dimension. Of course, finding a list like this would send me into a shame spiral of worry about my own goals in life. (The Hairpin)

I ate a ham and cheese sandwich with chipotle mayo and some cheese fries for dinner last night. I REGRET NOTHING. Perhaps it would still behoove me to follow these simple changes for a healthier me. (Dumb Little Man)

Have you ever been curious about wind maps? They look furry! Hee! (Hint FM)

Lastly, these kids are totally cooler than you. Especially the tiny Clown Prince of Crime. (Pleated Jeans)

This is very NSFW. I present to you The Ballad of the Motherfucking Pterodactyl.

Here is a history of how stupid April Fool's Day came into stupid existence. Stupid.

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