Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinky's Been Watching Twilight Rifftraxs For Two Days. Can You Tell?

Kolby & Pinky

Be sure to proofread your texts, folks.  Especially if you haven't yet shut off your autocorrect function.  It's also a good idea to proofread the articles you write if you happen to be a reporter, which is especially true in this case since the writer of this particular article placed the events within in the entirely wrong state.  Eesh. (Popsci)

President Obama has switched his Facebook profile over to the no-longer-new Timeline function, which can be traced back all the way to the day a use was born.  What does the President have posted on that day?  Why, his birth certificate, of course.  Comedian-in-Chief, over here.  (Forbes)

Animals and humans experience emotions in different ways.  Here's how.  (Live Science)

I warn you, you may not be able to stop reading the remarkable stories contained within Letters of Note.  Don't even bother trying, especially after reading today's offering - a note from Marilyn Monroe to her surgeons on the day of her 1952 appendectomy.  (Letters of Note)

This is pretty amazing as well. 13 scientists that also roller derby! (Scientific American)

They are science. I am nommy time yum yum lover. That's what I call eating food. Ahem. Here are some pairings of sandwiches with books. (PureWow)

If you stalked me more often, you would already know that about me. If you'd like to see who is tracking you, try this Firefox add-on. (Collusion)

I bet Nathan Fillion would like it if I, nevermind. Twine! He'd like to hold twine. (The Bloggess)

Perhaps you'd like to watch The Daily Monster being created. (The Daily Monster)

Have you heard about Japan McDonald's creating Big America Burgers? One has an egg on it! AMERICA! F*CK YEAH! (The Impulsive Buy)

Some Americans can read. Some. Check out the proof in this Cannonball Review of Daughter Of Smoke And Bone. (Pajiba)

I'm so excited for Community to return! Check out these first look photos! (TVLine)

Ever wonder what it's like when a blind person dreams?  Well, wonder no more!

And finally, in case you don't have much in the way of entertainment planned for this weekend, I give you Riverdance Dog.  You're welcome.  Enjoy your weekend!

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