Friday, March 23, 2012

I Never Want To Hear You Say, "Mountain Dew Cupcakes"

Pinky McLadybits

Yes, those are Mountain Dew Cupcakes with Doritos on them. Yes, I would puke if I saw them. Yes, I know someone that would try one. Gross.

Most of the time, sites that feature old photos are sort of mean and poking fun at the subjects of the photographs. This one, however, celebrates the awesome of yesteryear. (My Parents Were Awesome)

This will totally destroy anything warm and fuzzy you were feeling after viewing people's parents being badasses. Here are 7 common items that can be toxic if used improperly. (Blisstree)

Wasn't that fun?!? I didn't think so. Here is something that is fun. These are songs that don't mean what you think they do. (Ranker)

I'm sad that Informer by Snow wasn't on that list, because I'm quite sure that it needs some clarification. I wonder if Snow has a Twitter account. I bet he doesn't. But you could make it look like he does! This is going to end badly. Very badly. You can create realistic looking tweets from whomever you would like. So badly... (LEMMETWEETTHATFORYOU)

Like most hoaxes, the Fake Tweets will probably be debunked if it gets out of hand. Or if news outlets actually checked their sources. I wonder if fact-checker is one of the jobs that make people crazy? (The Grindstone)

I don't read Esquire Magazine. I only look at the photos online and that's if someone points me in the proper direction. So I had no idea that they had an annual Sex Survey. But they do! (Esquire)

Yo, dawg, I heard you like diamond rings so we made you a diamond ring out of a diamond and made it diamond shaped. (YouTube)

OH, THANK JEBUS THAT OUR SMARTEST MINDS ARE WORKING ON CURES FOR MALE PATTERN BALDNESS. We may just see that cure in our lifetimes. But not for women. They're sluts and that's why they lost their hair. (Gizmodo)

I haven't seen the movie Rubber, about a killer tire, but I've heard that it is quite good. It did not, however, make this list of 5 Horror Movies Starring Inanimate Objects. Oddly enough, Jennifer's Body starring inanimate object Megan Fox didn't make the cut either. (mental floss)

Now that spring is here, wedding invitations are probably filling up your mailbox. Some of you may even be attending as part of the wedding party, which can get expensive. Here are some ways to keep from filing bankruptcy when you stand up with the bride. (Betty Confidential)

Reese Witherspoon's birthday was yesterday. She's remarried, pregnant, and making shitty movies. Let's look back at the disasters since Walk The Line, shall we? (Crushable)

Not a disaster? This gorgeous Scrabble Typography Edition. I want to smell it.  Er, look at it! (Neatorama)

When I get a new movie I always take the time, eventually, to watch all of the behind-the-scenes stuff. It fascinates me. So this interests me as well, though it refers to video games instead of movies. MAGIC!

And just because I want it that way:

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