Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hey Girl, You Wanna Read My Links?

Pinky McLadybits

via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
Happy International Woman's Day! May your uterus remain unregulated and may Rush Limbaugh awake to find himself turned into a pregnant, poor woman!

I gave up soda (aka pop) for Lent. It's been tough finding a way to stay awake all day long. Luckily, it seems that my habit of drinking an afternoon coffee is good for weight loss and staying awake! (Gizmodo)

Woooo! Just finished some coffee and now I'm stretching from the workout. 50 cups are needed, you say? DAMMIT. I'll just console myself by buying some of these Captain America movie props. (io9)

I want that Rebirth Pod. It would look amazing in the guest room/office. I now clumsily segue from Rebirth Pod to birth control pills. What's that? Women that use birth control earn more money? And not as prostitutes?!? (The New York Times)

Let's take a look at something genius and disturbing: Toy Story characters in scenes from The Shining. That creepy baby doll is some bullshit. (Kyle Lambert)

Remember kids, everything pink is Girls Only and everything blue is Boys Only! Except for it isn't. Let's smash some of these sexist tropes together and see what happens! Wheee! (Gender Remixer)

Something that's awesome for girls and boys? Ghostbusters. And these awesome movie posters. (Silver Screen Society)

Firefly is also for nerd girls and nerd guys alike. As is booze. The two come together in this Sereni-Tea Firefly Cocktail. GIMME. (The Drunken Moogle)

Possibly before or after (or during) the consumption of that delightful Space Western Cocktail I can nom on these cake pop Star Wars characters resting below a Rice Krispie Treat Death Star! (Dorkly)

I am afraid of flying and haven't done so since 2005. I have thus avoided the invasive scanners, crotch-grabbing pat-downs, and hours spent in lines. This blogger managed to make me even more afraid of flying by finding a way to fool the full-body scanners. (TSA Out Of Our Pants!)

Also creeping me out are all the different flavors of Jell-O Pudding. Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl? YES! Dulce De Leche? YES! Strawberry Sundae? GAK! S'more? HORF! (The Impulsive Buy)

Let's move on to something that isn't food. Like this comparison of the members of Wu Tang Clan (who ain't nothin' to fuck with) and the characters of....(wait for it)....Full House. (The Awl)

In other WTF news, here is a 70 year old that looks 40 because of her vegan diet and rainwater. (Oddity Central)

Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the National Anthem of Kazakhstan! Er...

And we end with guacamole!

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