Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday: TIME TO GET KRUNK! Is That Still A Thing?


You guys!  It's Friday!  And it's nearly Spring!  There are robins crapping all over my backyard!  Links!!!

Looking for love in all the wrong places?  You've got company.  (The Awl)

I'm linking to this story about the rediscovery of some gigantic insects because it's fascinating.  But seriously, if you value my advice at all, don't watch the accompanying video.  For the love of your lunch.  (NPR)

It's nice to know we're not all huge assholes.  I mean, we're totally assholes, as evidenced by this article, but we're not huge assholes.  Big diff.  (Mother Board)

Love camping but hate the idea of sleeping on the ground?  The Tenstile may be just what you're looking for.  Yes, this is a real thing.  (Boing Boing)

Honeybees.  Just like us?  (Wired)

You think we're addicted to beauty products?  Trust me, we ain't got nothing on Cesy at Persephone Magazine.  Her nail polish addiction is inspiring.  (Persephone Magazine)

A Pennsylvania man was arrested after his estranged wife found a listening device under her bed in the house they still shared.  He claims he was using it to find out when his wife was having sex, so he could avoid being in the house, which, I repeat, they still shared.  Get an apartment, dude.  (The Huffington Post)

Tired of sitting at your desk all day just feeling....tired?  Give the Nano Workout a try.  It may not help you lose weight, but it could lighten your load in other ways.  (Lifehacker)

Oh, snap.  They're onto us, ladies.  (Gawker)

Today's a big day for Civil War buffs!  It's the anniversary of the battle between the Monitor and the Merrimack.  Read up.  (Finding Dulcinea)

Boy bands are back.  Again.  Cue the shrieking.  (TIME Newsfeed)

The Ten (Really? Ten??) Jackets Every Woman Should Own.  You may want to build yourself another closet first.  (Glamour)

I'm just going to nerd out here.  Feel free to join me.  A bit Sagan will make your day.

Don't hate me for this.  A friend of mine slapped it into my head earlier and I was hoping this would be a way to get it out.  Good luck to me.  Enjoy your weekend.

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