Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscar FEVER! Let's Play Dress Up!

We here at Hot Ink love the Oscars. Every year, Pajiba Ladies choose dresses that we would wear if we were at the ceremony. It's fun and you can always lament that you would have looked so much hotter in that Marchesa than OldWhatsHerFace did when she arrived in your dress. Since we totally have a platform now to inflict our dress choices and odd fascination with the Academy Awards on others, we decided that it was crucial to do so. Feel free to play along and post your dream dress in the comments!

Also, on Oscar night we will be watching and commenting over at Pajiba while Courtney live-blogs the ceremony. Come for the reactions to red carpet looks, stay for people being super-pissed if Jonah Hill wins an Oscar!


When I saw this Armani Prive dress on I knew that it was The One. Some lovely green to go with my awesome red hair? Check. A little off-beat while still being a beautiful gown that would look amazing on the red carpet? CHECK. I love the texture of the gown, the colors, and the way it drapes around the midsection and across the bodice. It allows for a great shape while also hiding any tummy bump you may or may not have. I adore it and I am sure that my Imaginary Husband John Krasinski will find me ravishing in it!

Maybe we'll see Amy Adams or someone else in it on the Red Carpet.


Peffy isn't a Hot Inker, but she is One Of Us. She chose this striking orange gown by Versace. It's a real show-stopper and I can only hope that if someone chooses to wear this on the carpet they will be sure to properly accessorize. Because now we all know how it should look. No chunky black shoes or ratty loose hair, ladies - the gold shoes in this photo are absolutely perfect! I'd like to see Nicole Kidman in this one (ahem...has she done any movies lately?).


Innernet went Old School Hollywood with this gorgeous gown by Elie Saab. Can you not see her swooping down the carpet giving coy answers to the yelling reporter mob? With the proper hair (no messy tresses) and shoes, this will be another knockout. Innernet will be bringing Ryan Gosling as her date. Or Paul Newman. Either one. OR BOTH!
This dress seems like Michelle Williams or possibly Mila Kunis could pull this off with grace and class.


Figgy chose a Dior and date Jon Hamm. Figgy usually (usually? More like ALWAYS) hates all good things, but choosing Hamm and this gorgeous red gown are two very good things. (I hope Martha Stewart doesn't sue us.) I could see Anne Hathaway on the red carpet in this one, though I would be surprised if she went with red. This also seems more Old Hollywood, with a fitted bodice, and structured, hoop-like skirt; Figgy would strut down that red carpet very much like Scarlett O'Hara with Hamm Rhett Butler-ing it up with the press, frankly, giving a damn.


Rusty chose Dior. I think that Cate Blanchett would pull this off. Rooney Mara might like the feminine mixed with dark colors with her newfound "edgy" style. I just hope no one ruins it with bad hair or too many accessories.


This amazing dress is from the Tom and Lorenzo Burberry collection. Our lovely friend Julie thinks that this olive colour isn't bold enough and would prefer a jewel tone in either emerald or sapphire. I can't argue with that, even though I, Metric Jenn: One Whose Opinion Is Always Right, think that the olive is stunning. Julie does have impeccable taste in design - the long draping elegance is perfect for the Oscars and the accessory of a certain Mr. Joe Manganiello will make everyone's heads turn on the red carpet.


Elie Saab strikes again! Mel chose this deep blue sheer-covering-gold-bodice as her red carpet look. That colour is just breath-taking and romantic. And Mel has just the perfect hair to compliment this look. It is very similar to Innernet's choice, but with striking differences. The mid-section on Mel's choice is less edgy and more complimentary of the romantic feel. The gown has more fabric as well, giving it more flow. But who would she like on her arm for a date?? Who would be good enough for our MelBivDevoe?

Metric Jenn

Alexander McQueen, Pre-Fall 2012 - I chose this gown because of its classic bodice with a modern structured gown. The pattern is reminiscent of a romantic Victorian floral pattern, yet it is created with broad strokes giving this pattern a modern flair. I would have my hair up, like the model's in this picture. The colour would be a deep brown/auburn to compliment the dress. As for jewelry, a bracelet and earrings, leaving my neck bare because I think that collar bones on women are delicate and sexy. My date would be required to touch my clavicle. And since my date is Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, this is completely acceptable.


  1. My date would be none other than Baby Goose himself, Ryan Gosling. I would provide comfort for him for his astounding lack of nominations.

    These dresses are all so GORGEOUS.

  2. I hate to be whomever has to sit next to me. I can imagine the dress spilling over on both sides.

  3. Mel, I wish I had seen yours first! That color is SO BEAUTIFUL!