Monday, February 20, 2012

None Of These Speak Of Presidents. Or Pickles.

Nora and Pinky McLadybits

Have you ever read the hilarity of David Thorne? I especially like the pranks he pulls on co-worker Simon. I laughed so I hard I cried. This post about a permission slip from the school to allow his child to see a religious program is pretty amazing as well. (27b/6)

Do you like animation and accents? How about video games? Actually, you don't need to like video games to enjoy this review of Batman: Arkham City. NSFW. (The Escapist)

I enjoy first date stories, especially when they sound horrific but the couple ends up together. These stories will make you giggle and possibly say, "AW!". (Persephone Magazine)

I haven't watched Downton Abbey as of yet. It is sitting there in my Netflix Instant queue. Lonely. Anyway, here are some other famous Abbeys! (mental floss)

On this day in history, people were born! And some died! Um, maybe check out this site for more in-depth coverage of this day in history...(

On this day in 2012, I linked to dresses made of recycled items! I wonder if that will make the video next year. (BuzzFeed)

If this is successful, it will definitely be highlighted for years to come. Test tube hamburger. Gross. (The Telegraph)

Would you like some test tube Swiss on that hamburger? Ick. Also pretty high on the WTF Scale are these Pinned Skin Collages. They are less likely to make you toss your cookies, though. (This Is Colossal)

Oh, man. This takes the What The Fuck Scale cake. Michelle Duggar is advising women on how to have a happy marriage. Sample: "1. Love is killed by self-sufficiency2. Whoever controls the money controls the leadership." Guess who controls the money. (D-Listed)

I think I'd like to write an open letter to Michelle Duggar, just as Ivy Grimes wrote one to a lady in marketing at her company. (McSweeney's)

I'm sure that my open letter would contain more swear words than there are Duggar children. Perhaps I should take all that negative energy and turn it into positive energy for Stephen Colbert and his mother. (NPR)

Hee! 20 year leave-in conditioner! (The Onion)

Inspector Spacetime, the Not Doctor Who show within the show Community, is getting a real web series. (The Mary Sue)

Uh-oh. The animals are cooperating! Skittimus warned us about the birds, but we didn't listen. Now they are bringing the dogs into their evil fold.


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  1. Because of you,I just bought David Thorne's book. That link made my day.