Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hot Links: I Thought It Was Wednesday For Several Hours This Morning

Pinky McLadybits

Perhaps one of your New Year's Resolutions was to start your own business. But what should your startup do? That's where this site comes in. Mailchimp for beverages? Sounds legit. (NOW! That's What I Call Startups!)

Have you read the blog JacquieLonglegs? She makes tampon wreaths and writes things like "I dunno about you but there is something about internet people that gets my creativity flowing like wine cooler at my cousin’s QuincaƱera." Go read! Hurry!

American Horror Story was an amazing show, consistently through the season. I can't wait to see what Ryan Murphy disgusts and intrigues us with next season. Glee, though, can go f*#& itself. Still, the ladies of Murphy's shows are amazing when posed as actresses from other horror films. Except Jayma Mays. Someone went overboard on the Eyebrow Express. (Elle Magazine) Thanks, Julie!

Have you ever wondered how people feel upon learning one of their photos is being used for an internet meme? I was thinking about this just yesterday. In my case, I would be upset. theronin23 answers questions about his memes. (reddit)

I don't have an iPhone, but I've heard Siri is not all that. However, if Siri actually reacted like she does in this video? I would REQUIRE an iPhone. NSFW (College Humor)

I generally cook too much food and I hate eating leftovers. Because they never taste as good later. (Except for some soups.) These tips could save me a lot of money and food. (Lifehacker)

Most of the time I only know that there is something new on Netflix because someone on Facebook tells me. It is ridiculous how difficult it is to find new stuff streaming on Netflix. Perhaps this site, newly re-designed, can help. (FeedFlix)

Japan is the King of Odd and Awesome Treats. Exhibit P: Planet Chocolates. Page is in German but Chrome should translate for you. (CrackaJack)

EEEEE! It's the Big Cheese Bracket! I LOVE CHEESE! Go vote for your favorites and help crown the Big Cheese! That reminds me, I need some more smoked Gouda...(Persephone Magazine)

I don't really get the whole Brony thing, but I don't really care either. I am also not surprised that there was a Brony Convention in Manhatten. I should've held on to the Ponies of my youth. I'm sure I could have made a fortune off these dudes. (The Awl)

WHAT??! WHAT?!?! WHAT??! ARE WE HAVING FUN YET? (Geekosystem)

Someone needs to tell Courtney Stodden that she's about 30 years too late to writhe on the hood of a car in a Whitesnake video. Oh, and that she looks like a 47 year old married to a creepy smarm-oozer. (The Gloss)

We celebrate the arrival of Blue Ivy Carter the same way we celebrated that of Suri Cruise: with a look back at all the rumors circulating about the pregnancy. (Crushable)

Four words: Chewbacca. Phil Collins. Drums.

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