Friday, January 13, 2012

Hot Links: Avoid Hockey Mask-Wearing Maniacs And You'll Be Fine

Pinky McLadybits

Happy Friday the 13th! Why do people think that a day numbered a certain way is bad luck? Even before Vorhees was on the scene, thirteen was an unlucky number and Friday the 13th? Ooooh, boy. (How Stuff Works)

Did you know that there is an actual name for those that fear Friday the 13th? They are friggatriskaidekaphobia and paraskevidekatriaphobia. Me? I fear April Fool's Day, especially since I witnessed a small plane crash in a field by the parking lot is was in, waiting for a friend for lunch. (Fark)

I had a meltdown yesterday about several ventures I am currently trying to get off the ground. Luckily, my ladies were there to pick me up, as always. I'm sure that the women and men on this list of world-changing tech founders felt that way at least once. (Entrepreneur)

I've tried to tell my husband that just because I hit a cop car once doesn't mean he's a better driver than me. He wrecked three of our last three cars for cripe's sake! Now I have this study to prove that he sucks and I rule! At driving. HAHAHAHAHA!! (The Bottom Line)

I am quite certain that someone will take this information and use it to insist that something apocalyptic or satanic is happening instead of science. But not you! You understand that this is to be used for good! SCIENCE! (Giant Freakin Robot)

Get ready to get in shape with the gayest workout video EVAR. (Gawker)

Last year I made a birthday cake for myself and Lainey. It featured a unicorn farting a rainbow that turned into Skittles. I think I'm making these Unicorn Poop cookies this year. (Instructables)

Here are illustrations that mash together Doctor Who and DC comics. SQUEAL! (Good Comics)

Pajiba's Courtney Enlow gives us a rundown of why celebrity babies are better than other babies. (HINT: $$$) (Pajiba)

This list of original product uses blew my mind and made my ladyparts cringe. Lysol? (Cracked)

I adore some well-done cosplay. Have a look at these outfits from Arizona Comi-Con. (gbrummett Flickr)

This is the dumbest list of texting etiquette rules ever. Sadly, they will be a revelation to someone. (College Candy)

This older brother learns to regret promising younger brother he could keep any cash he caught. Never bet against a little brother when there is cash or candy on the line, my friend. 

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