Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Did Exxon Spill Another Tanker? Nope, That's Just Bb Shine in my Hair.

Metric Jenn

Hello, my lovely readers! It's been a while, and I've missed writing to you about my many...MANY product trial failures. As you may recall, I raved about Bumble & Bumble before - about their curly hair product. So I was very excited to try out another product which is purported to "deliver(s) all-day gleam, controls flyaways and creates excellent separation and dimension without leaving hair greasy or weighed down". 

Bb Shine was to be my frizzy, flyaway hair saviour. I would have gotten down on my knees to start pleasing the hair gods had this product worked for me. As it stands, my mouth remains closed and I've watched way too much South Park - so much that it's permeating this review in unseemly ways.
Shall I set the stage for you? It's a small main stage, with a second smaller stage because my productions are nothing if not thorough.

Stage1: I was zipping around, getting ready for work, diffusing my curly hair and feeling quite pleased with the results, save for the fact that it's been a bit drier and frizzier than normal. So out comes Bb Shine. I followed the instructions, including the part where it says "use sparingly". I held the wee bottle fairly far away from my head and gave one blanket spritz. I then kind of scrunched my curls and after taking my hands away, they felt...ICKY. Not thinking much of it, I dashed out the door to catch the bus.

Later that day, I pulled my hair back from around my face and my hands came away just as icky. I hadn't looked into a mirror that morning, so I kind of dashed to the bathroom and was devastated to find a greasy, stringy mess at my roots. Blech. DEFINITELY not a good product to use on my curls. However, I didn't have a freak out and curse the gods immediately.

Stage 2: I straightened my hair the next evening, slept on it and touched it up the next morning. I decided to mix up product application as just spraying it straight on my head did not work well at all. This time I was smart. This time I sprayed it onto my hands so I could control where and how I applied it. Which was an EVEN WORSE IDEA, it turns out. I went to work feeling confident, only to have a coworker ask what was in my hair. She surmised it was spooge. When I informed her that only happened ONCE, and that this was DEFINITELY NOT spooge, I got even more sad. At least the former substance would mean I'd gotten some.

And so, this product absolutely gets inked. At $26.00 for 4.2 oz, it is priced ridiculously, despite using it "sparingly", that's too much money for a product that left me with greasy, disgusting hair and a harsh reminder that I've been celibate for far too long.

Rating: 0/8 tentacles

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