Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bone Luging Isn't As Dirty As It Sounds

Pinky McLadybits

Via Pleated Jeans

Speaking of sequels of sorts, break out your brand, put on your $3000 suit, and grab your hermano. Arrested Development is moving forward, with all cast members signed on and episodes being written! (NME)

I can't get a TARDIS front door, but this guy has turned his office into an Aperture waiting room? Not fair! (Telnets via Kotaku)

Aside from that Portal 2 run over Christmas, I don't get to play a lot of video games anymore. I blame books and movies and having just a Wii. This list of the 15 Most Frustrating Situations in Video Games still pains me all the same. (Dorkly)

SOPA, PIPA, and that other one? Even if one were to pass, it wouldn't fix Hollywood's problem. Now this? This is how you fix things. (via POPURLS)

I had no idea that there was a snow sculpture contest in Breckenridge. At this point in our wonky winter, I've forgotten what snow looks like. Refresh your memory with these photos! (Go Breck)

The Dutch go one further with their ice marathon. The woman in the second photo is not to be trifled with! (Photographer's Blog via Reuters)

Apparently I missed a Con in Columbus over the weekend. There went my chance to wear my Phoenix costume again. I also missed the Booth Babes, which suits me just fine. I'd rather see scantily clad men with little knowledge of the product they're trying to promote. (TidBits) (Cult Of Mac)

I really love abandoned and old buildings being re-purposed into gorgeous homes. This home in Spain used to be a stable. (treehugger)

This German building wasn't something old first, but it is a pre-fab and looks like it belongs underwater. (inhabitat)

I've seen my Pepaw suck the marrow out of bones and chase it with a Little Kings beer. So, hipsters indulging in bone luging, please know that a bad-ass, hillbilly motherfucker beat you to it decades ago. (ecosalon)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains to us just what a hipster is. (divine caroline)

You've seen Hairspray, right? The original movie, the remake movie, or the Broadway version all have something in common: white and black actors fighting for and against integration on television (and elsewhere). Apparently Plano Children's Theater didn't fully understand the point John Waters was making. (The Dallas Observer)

On the heels of yesterday's disgusting Chinese foods list, we have this abomination: Oreos are TUBES IN CHINA. I...actually, they look pretty tasty. (npr)

You still have time to order your Valentine's Day cards from The Oatmeal! You'll either get laid or get a restraining order. Which one is up to you! (The Oatmeal)

Speaking of Valentine's Day, head over to our Facebook page to talk about the best and worst Valentine's Day gifts you've ever gotten!

Here's an adorable five-year-old telling you about corporate logos. SO CUTE!

Working dogs: Not just giving brandy to people caught in avalanches.

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