Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Bear...bear...big Bear...big bear chase meeeeeeee...! "

Pinky McLadybits

I abhor camping. Bugs, noises, people farting in the tent, animals threatening to steal your stuff, no thank you. For those of you that do enjoy camping, here is a way to build a simple camping stove with a log, a saw, and some newspaper. (Lifehacker)

I had never seen a James Bond movie until Daniel Craig and his fine ass filled out the role. Of course, I knew about Mr. Bond's amazing, beautiful, extremely fast cars. A United Kingdom exhibit, and this link, allows you to stare at all of Bond's sexy cars. (Wired)

Are you in the market for a new gadget or three? I find that when I research an upcoming gadget purchase there are too many opinions out there and not enough facts. Here is a breakdown of the best gadgets, from cell phones to home theater receivers. With cited sources! (The Wirecutter)

Helpful hint: When job hunting, avoid cover letters with profanity and name-calling. (Gawker)

If you wear this mask, be prepared for people demanding to see you poo rainbows. (Laughing Squid)

In celebration of Muhammad Ali's 70th birthday, Time presents an iconic image for every year of the legend's life so far. (Time)

Circus wagons are gorgeous creatures. I didn't know that there were uses for them apart from movies and television. I was wrong. Circus Wagon Bed & Breakfasts. (treehugger)

A car company making a self-healing cover for a phone? Nissan did just that. (Tech Crunch)

That will not, however, help with clumsy people like me around water. This one time, I dropped my iPod in water and snatched it back out so quickly that the water didn't have time to seep inside. I attribute my cat-like reflexes to the terror I felt in needing to replace something so dear to me (due to what is engraved on the back). I need some of this new-fangled water protection. STAT. (HzO)

I have feelings about the word bitch. As long as you know me and we are friends, calling me a bitch is fine. My husband is not allowed to call me bitch. This once got him knocked backwards off a chair. This piece explores the word as well. (Persephone Magazine)

Tattoos are interesting to me and for a while I thought Miami Ink was great to watch because of people telling the story of why they're getting the tattoo. According to this article, asking what tattoos mean is akin to asking someone to relive a painful memory. However, some of the other things people say or do to her concerning the tattoos are just assy. (The Gloss)

2012's hottest hair trend? The twist! (Beautylish)

As the son of Britney Spears and former back-up dance Kevin Federline, is it any wonder Sean Preston can shake his groove thang?

And now, a dog walking a chain like a tightrope!

Last of all, 65 horror movies in five minutes. MUAHAHHAHAHA!!

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