Friday, December 2, 2011

Rusty's Sample Roulette: Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream


I order from Sephora kind of a lot. Because of this I have a giant box of samples just hanging out, waiting to be used. This… is… SAMPLE ROULETTE. Due to the brief nature of the use, I will assign ratings as 0 (stay away) 4 (I liked it, but didn’t love it) or 8 (love it and will probably be dropping my own money on it in short order). Enjoy!

There are some complaints that cosmetic products claim to fix that I’ve never really understood. On that list is the concept of “dull skin.” Skin, as a texture, is matte and I know that shiny skin is not good either. But as far as I’ve been able to tell with my own face, my skin is the color that my skin is unless some other medical condition is making it change, in which case I address the medical condition rather than the skin issue. I mention this because I tried Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream which boasts about how well it brightens dull skin.

I found the cream effective as a moisturizer and it felt… I don’t know, perkier than other moisturizers that I’ve found. My skin looked the way it always looked, so I’ve got no complaints on that front. It delivered what I wanted it to deliver (face moisture) but I didn’t notice any above and beyond effects.

I’m rating this a 4 out of 8. I would discount it out of hand given the superior moisturizers I’ve tried, but since I don’t have the kind of skin it’s supposed to help the most I don’t want to dismiss it completely.

Rating: 4/8 tentacles

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