Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinky's Gimme List: What To Buy For The Geek Woman In Your Life

Pinky McLadybits

We thought we would put together lists of gifts we would each love to receive for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, or whatever you celebrate. I'm sure you know someone like me, or like Metric Jenn, or Figgy, or Lainey, or any of us. And for that reason, we present our individual gift guides. I hope they help you out during your particular holiday season. HERE WE GO!

You know me. I'm a little cheap (but only because my husband has forced me to be), I love Batman, movies, books, and lots of other things. I love expensive things but I so rarely get them unless they are gifts. As such, I ask for expensive gifts. Mostly of the nerd/geek variety.

I watched this all of the time when I was younger. It is really difficult to find and I want to share these beautifully voice-acted, written, and drawn episodes with my Pinky Jr. (The episode she did see, The Cat and The Claw, prompted her to put my Mom's cat on her shoulders, just like Catwoman. It ended with scratches.) LOVE IT!

2. A X-Box 360 or Playstation 3

I don't care which of these I get, really. Maybe the Playstation would be better because of the Blu-ray player being built in. Of course, the Xbox has the Kinect, which I've played and enjoyed. Mostly I want whichever system will allow me to play Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City and Bioshock and Resident Evil games. Right now I just have a Wii and the Resident Evil games for that are on the rails and suck. I hate them. Except for Resident Evil 4, which I have beaten twenty-thousand times. Also, there are only fluffy games for the Wii and I need some blood and explosions and monsters. NEED.

3. Gift Card to Target

Do I need to explain this? I buy all of the things I want with your money. YAY ME!

4. Canon Powershot A1200 12.1 MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Zoom (Silver)

And yes, it has to be silver because it isn't offered in purple. I lost my camera. That's insane because I lost it somewhere in my house. It's a Kodak something-or-other that I've wanted to replace. Now that I've lost it, I'd say this Christmas is as good a time as any. I need something that will take high-quality pictures without messing with lenses or anything. I want to point and shoot. At $109 ($89 at Amazon), this camera should fit the bill. Though I'll take something more expensive as well. And purple.

5. Hard Candy Bubble Slider Soft Touch Case for iPod touch® 4G

I already have a Skullcandy case for my iPod Touch. I bought it quickly and because of the price and not what I actually wanted. My friend, Jesse, had bought me the Touch for my birthday and had it engraved on the back. I was terrified of breaking this gift and refused to use it until I had a case. And that's how I ended up with a green cover on my Touch. I'm bored with it at this point. I think that this pink case would be a good change. I'd use it until I got sick of the pink cover and then either change back to the green or search for something else. What can I say? I crave change with stuff like this.

6. HTC Wildfire Android Phone for Virgin Mobile

There isn't anything wrong with my LG Rumor Touch really, unless you count how I sometimes have to turn it off and then on to receive or send text messages. That is annoying. I really want a new cell phone, but choices are limited with Virgin Mobile. Luckily, they've begun offering Android-powered phones. The Husband has one and I am terribly jealous of it. He has GPS on his! Mine has a slide-out keyboard! NOT FAIR! This is around $200 and will probably be mine after Christmas, when I have Selfish Money to spend. (Boom! Got it for 50% off! Thanks, Black Friday.)

7. A Dance With Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire: Book Five

I have the first four books in the series (Thanks, Rykker!), but I don't have this one yet. And this is a hardback and the ones I have are paperback. If you wanted to buy me the entire series in hardback? I suppose I'd have to graciously accept. I'm just that nice.

8. Rosetta Harley Boa Snakeskin Tote in Rose

I have an addiction to purses. Usually ugly purses. The uglier the purse, the more I have to have it. Well, within limits. This purse is pink, has silver accents on it, and is big. I need to have it. Never mind that I know for a fact that I am already getting a super-cute purse for Christmas. I need this one too! Remember what I said about getting bored with the Touch cover? Same thing here.

9. Cherry Sleigh Bed and Bedroom Set

Not necessarily the exact bed shown on the left, but very similar. I want dark cherry wood, Queen size, matching night stands, two matching dressers, and maybe a mirror. Maybe.

10. Wireless Surround Sound System

Again, not stuck on the specific system on the left. I have a big HD television. I have a Blu-ray player. I have so many movies that I can't remember what I have and what I don't. We currently have surround sound, but the system is 7 years old and the wires are EVERYWHERE IN HERE. I've been pining for one of these wireless systems for a while now. GIMME!


  1. Which surround sound system is that? My parents want one of those too, I need ideas!