Monday, November 28, 2011

Hot Links: Volgravo Eruption!

Pinky McLadybits

Sweet, sweet Star Wars cupcakes by Miss M.

News Flash: Miley Cyrus doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut about drugs, mmmkay?

I was terrified of the Muppet Animal when I was younger. This might make the nightmares return.

Ah, to have so much money that I could buy something as stupid as this $1.1 million dollar breakfast plate.

Check out the nerdily adorable aprons in luv2right's etsy store. Guess which one I like the best.

Blood of the Dragon can drink this coffee while it is still scalding hot.

I adore these Batman redesigns by an artist named Ricardo Tercio. They should be framed and in my house.

I want to marry ThinkGeek and have its little nerd-babies. This shirt kicks the asses of all other shirts! You should buy it instead of shirts that sell our intellect short.

Check out these rejected movie posters for Batman, Supergirl, Fright Night, and more.

The Oatmeal gives us a pretty accurate look at Thanksgiving As A Kid vs. Thanksgiving As An Adult.

What if you taught your cat to use instant messaging? Rick? Rick? RICK??

Please enjoy a little kid being licked by a Bernese Mountain Dog. Incidentally, this is the kind of dog I begged my husband to let me get but he was afraid of them. If anyone would like to buy me a Bernese Mountain Dog, I'll allow it!

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