Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hot Links: Emus, Zombies, and Lord of Bones

Pinky McLadybits

Woot's tee of the day is Monty Python-inspired. Run away! Run away!

Did you hear? Bradley Cooper is (supposedly) the Sexiest Man Alive. I suppose he is, you know, if you like emu-faced dudes with hot bodies. Buzzfeed gives us 63 more reasons why Cooper is not sexiest.

What's that? Congress is full of assholes more worried about pissing matches than the health of our children? No. Way.

Behold! The Lord of Bones has been cast for Game of Thrones!

The cake is a lie, but these Portal cookie cutters are for real. Trust me!

Thanksgiving is coming and Neatorama has gathered some menus to help you create a geeky, sci-fi, fantasy feast for your friends and family.

Have you watched the trailer for Brave yet? GO DO EEET!

If you want to know what to get me for Christmas, this trip to the UK to attend a zombie boot camp will do just fine.

I hope this isn't some sort of tie-in with the new Muppet movie...

Finally, enjoy a brief glimpse at Pip and Smidge, Jorge Garcia's (HURLEY!) pups, dressed up for Halloween.  Smidge is the skunk that looks like he hates life.

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