Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You Know What They Say About Long Lashes? *Wink*

Author: Pinky McLadybits

"Look! Another e.l.f. product! What's that? You bought it at Target? NO WAY." Is that what you're saying right now? Well, Halloween is coming up and the stores are filled with fake lashes to accent all of the sexy Scrabble costumes and sexy Ninja Turtle costumes. And they cost upwards of $5 from what I've seen. Sure, some of them have sparkles or weird feathery things on them, but $5? My husband's not made of money! (He's made of Doritos and sexy)

I decided that e.l.f.'s $1 Dramatic Lash Kit was a good way to figure out whether I could even apply fake lashes and whether they would be a welcome addition to my proposed Halloween costume. Which is definitely not sexy Freddy Krueger or sexy Cop. Nope. Anyway, if these work out then maybe I'll get myself some fancy $5 fake lashes with fake fire or something among the fringe.

The lashes are stuck to a lovely plastic dealie that is meant to look like closed eyes. The lashes on the right go on your left lid and the ones on the left go on your right lid. Because they're the mirror image of your eyes. That sounds more complicated then it really is. Huh. So there is also a little tube of glue below the lashes. This photo makes it look like a squeezable tube but the tube I have has a long applicator stick with the end cut at an angle. It was surprising when I opened the lid, especially since the directions tell you to "Pierce the top of the last strip" with the glue. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't a stick.

I removed the lashes for my left eye from the plastic. There was already a bit of glue or something holding them to the plastic, but my efforts to stick the lashes to my lid what that were fruitless. I wandered into the bathroom so I could use the mirror on the back of the door. I, carefully this time, opened the glue tube and then applied what I could to the thin strand of whateverthatis that connects all of the lashes. The directions said to "Allow glue to set until tacky" before applying them as close to my natural lashes as possible. I was not good at this.

The packaging suggests starting at the middle of the lashes and pressing them into place. I found that to be difficult because I didn't have the lashes far enough to the outer edge on my first try. On the second try the lashes ended up too far from the inside edge. My fingers felt clumsy and were definitely pissing me off. Stupid hands, getting in the way. I was also unsure as to whether to close my eye, hold my lid taut, or have a staring contest with myself as I applied the lashes. None worked. After three tries, I have given up. Perhaps this would be a nice, inexpensive set of lashes for someone with the ability to apply them. I am not that person. Such a shame.

Rating: 1/8 tentacles

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  1. I have never used fake eyelashes for two reasons. One, I, like you, find myself completely unable to make that work. And two, I am blessed with long, dark lashes that I almost never even need mascara for. But I am with you - fake lashes are hard!