Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CVS Microwave Wax Hair Remover Kit: Deforestation of Your Face

Author: Pinky McLadybits

I love to wax my own eyebrows. I know that is odd, but I really don't care. Perhaps that makes me a masochist, as I enjoy ripping out those stupid hairs that make me look like maybe my father was part werewolf and my mother was a bearded lady. I may be exaggerating. Maybe.

During my CVS spree the other day, I decided I needed to replace my old eyebrow waxing kit. The one that wouldn't melt anymore? Yes, that one. It was totally gross and probably more than a year old. I tossed it, ran my errands, and somehow remembered to replace it that same day. Miracles, people. They happen every day.

This kit comes with a small container of hard wax, some tweezers, brow guides, a stirrer stick thing, and soothing cream for after the torture of being beautiful. All of this for less than $5. While writing this review, I read the description at that tells me that the "stirrer stick" was a "wooden spatula with temperature indicator". OH! That explains that blue dot. I have no idea whether or not the temperature indicator worked or not, as the spatula was only good for stirring and not applying. Seeing no real use for the stick, I tossed it and used some craft Popsicle sticks to stir and apply my wax. They work much, much better than that fancy stick with the dot.

The wax is melted in the container, in your microwave. Directions tell you to microwave the wax in 30 second increments. That's crazy talk. You need to microwave that stuff a minimum of 45 seconds the first time and maybe even a minute at a time or you will be heating that stuff all day long. Once you get the wax to actually melt, you need to rush back to wherever your self-inflicted torture session is taking place, grab something to slap the wax on your face, and hope it hasn't hardened already.

Now the fun part! Grab the wax and you don't even need to hold the skin taut like you do with wax strips. Trust me, this wax will remove those hairs, whether you want it to at this point or not. When that wax comes off, so does the hair. On this merit alone, I have to suggest you buy the CVS Microwave Wax Hair Remover Kit. Because it does what it is supposed to, which is remove hair, and for a lot less than the $20 it costs to have someone do it in a salon. However, the applicator sucks, the wax is difficult to melt, and the brow guides are very specific. The tweezers are nice, though!

Rating: 7/8 tentacles


  1. I just got this kit I was wondering, when the hair grows back in, is it darker than it was before becuz I have some hairs on my upper lip that I'd like to remove but I'd rather pluck them and have them stay blonde than use this kit and have them come in dark!

  2. I don't think it grew in any darker, but results probably vary.