Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Liq-squid? How NOT to apply Aqua Liner.

Author: Metric Jenn

This particular item was bought on a whim. I was on vacation, shopping with a friend, and we went into Sephora - my friend just desperately needed to pick up ONE THING. Well of course this leads to disaster on my otherwise fiscally responsible day. I’d already blown $300 - $200 less than my usual splurges - so I was feeling pretty good.

Which brings me to the eye-liner section. I am always on the lookout for a really gorgeous henna/kinda brown-kinda plum eyeliner. I am not usually a fan of liquid liner due to the time-consumption if you screw it up; which is inevitable for me no matter how practiced I become. I am truly a pencil liner girl. Never-the-less, Make Up Forever’s Aqua Liner #11 Diamond Burgundy for $23 caught my eye.

After testing the consistency on my hand, I thought it may be worth a shot, so like the responsible adult with a job that pays too little that I am, I bought it along with $150 of other “necessities”. This is why I live in a refrigerator box down by the river.

The moment of truth came that very night when a bunch of friends and I were headed out for drinks. I wanted to look glamorous with accented eyes. Usually I am pretty damn handy with eye make up application - I love blending 2 different eye liners to create a layered look. This was absolutely NOT possible with the Aqua Liner.  Also, the instructions read as following:

                                           "Shake before use - Do not use inside eye area"

Whaa? Huh. I took this to mean that I should not pull the eyelid up to get close to the eyelid margin or tear ducts. So with that in mind, I set to work steadying my hand and leaned in close to the mirror with my mouth gaping open. (What? You don’t ALL do that? Liars.) The first pass went great! Got it where I needed, in one nice swoop, didn’t gouge my eyeball out, nor did I smudge it accidentally after examining how it turned out. Then I switched hands.

Good ol’ Lefty. Lefty mocks me on the best of days. She was a total bitch that night. The first pass looked like Michael J. Fox and Mohammed Ali were competing in a handwriting tournament. I also stabbed the outside corner of my eye (or the lateral canthus, as discovered when researching for this review).  It looked fixable, so I steadied Lefty and tried to patch it up and smooth it out. Here’s what I found out: This stuff dries FAST. And you can’t go over it because the wand gets stuck to it like freaking GLUE.

After a wash and a very careful second Lefty application, I stepped back and admired my work. Uhm...I liked the colour? I decided that it was nice enough to keep at it and get better at application. One month later, it is used only when I have an extra 10 minutes to really concentrate or I’m going out to meet Alexander Skarsgård. Guess how often that happens? Sadly, I can only give this product a 3/8 tentacles, with 3 given only due to the colour. It really is gorgeous. The price is not worth it, especially when it only contains 0.058 oz. and dries like glue on your lids.

Rating: 3/8 tentacles


  1. I just bought this same liner yesterday because I wanted a copper-burgandy eyeliner. I'm not super skilled at liquid liner, but I thought it was pretty easy to apply and the color was exactly what I wanted. It is expensive, but I thInk Sephora has just brainwashed me into paying absurd quantities of money on tiny tubes of thngs.

  2. You didn't find the colour to stain almost too dark? I ended up taking a kleenex and blotting some away.
    It may indeed be easier to apply, but I am uncoordinated at the best of times (as evidenced yesterday when I knocked over my glass of gin onto my iPhone), so I can only suggest liquid liners to those who are steady of hand or who don't mind washing and reapplying if they don't get it right the first time!

    And we have the Sephora brainwashing in common. I've spent insane amounts of money there...and have very little to show for it.

  3. Jenn, you switch hands to put on your eyeliner? I always use my right hand for both eyes. I might do a video soon if it helps. I do have the damndest time getting my eyeliner even on both eyes though.

  4. Also, what they meant by not putting on your inner eye is that some people put eyeliner in their "water line" meaning the inside of their bottom eyelid above the lashes. Liquid liner isn't good for this in the best of occasions and I can see how you should stay away from a liner that dries like glue!